Keep Your Dog Cool with a Pool!

Keep Your Dog Cool with a Pool!

I have a 110 pound brown Newfoundland who would much rather be lying in 2-feet of snow in sub-zero temperatures than baking outside in the scorching heat of summer. 

In the past, every morning before I would go to work, I would fill her water bowl up.  When I would come home at lunch to check on her during the summer months, I would find her water bowl empty and wet pavement surrounding it.  I figured since she is a Newfoundland (who have been known to drink their water from the bottom up) and still a puppy that she was just playing in her water bowl and splashing it around because she was bored.  Well, during one blistering weekend afternoon, I witnessed her splashing and playing in her water bowl just as I had expected.  Just as I was about to scold her, she did something that made me realize there was a method to her madness! When she had emptied the water bowl and thoroughly soaked the pavement around her, she methodically plopped down on the soaking wet pavement and took a deep sigh as she cooled herself off. 

Now it would be nice if I owned 10 acres of land with a fishing pond or maybe a babbling brook running through it that Shiloh (my Newfoundland) could swim in during these hot days.  But I don’t.  My house sits on the typical 1/4 acre lot and the 50-year old Cottonwood tree that, used to provide shade, has since died, leaving my backyard fully exposed to the scorching afternoon sun.

So, to compromise, I did the next best thing.  I bought a kiddie pool at the store for $10.  Definitely one of my better decisions!  Now…Shiloh doesn’t have to empty her water bowl to cool off.  And at least if she does or if she accidentally tips it over, I know that she’s got plenty of water in her kiddie pool to keep her cool! 

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