Should I be using a shock collar to train my dog?


Come on, really??? I don’t understand peoples’ mindset sometimes. I know, I know…I’ve read all the other posts and articles out there saying that shock collars are safe, and that they work well. Yeah, of course they work well! If I was being threatened with a jolt of electricity going through my neck, I would listen too!

Sure it may not “hurt” the dog (if it’s on the lower setting), and they don’t give a strong shock (again, if it’s on the lower setting); but there are people who think they have tried everything else, and they are using a shock collar as a last resort.

Take the time to train your dog with positive reinforcement rather than electricity. There are tons of resources and trainers out there who can help you learn how to properly train your dog. It’s a much more rewarding way to train your dog for both you and your dog.

Another training collar you shouldn’t use is the pinch collar as seen below. Now I will be the first to admit, I actually used one of these collars previously, and I still feel bad about it. I had a Golden Retriever, Caffrey, who would pull incessantly, and I could not get him to stop. So somebody suggested using a pinch collar. I used it for awhile and he would still pull. I later found out that these collars (and simple choke collars) work by placing pressure on the throat of the dog which can actually make the dog pull even harder in response. One day, I pulled back on the lead to get him to stop pulling, and my poor dog yelped from the shock and pain of the metal prongs digging into his neck. Caffrey passed away 4 years ago, and I still feel bad about this.

As I previously stated, don’t use a choke collar either. Use a gentle lead collar. I use one on my Newfoundland, and they work great. The gentle lead collars I sell on my website come with a free training DVD that shows you how to properly use the collar.

Remember, there are no bad dogs out there, just owners who need training.

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